Bays & Bows

Visually and literally expand your room!


We have dedicated this JT Windows, Inc. website to those who are most responsible for our success since 1978–our customers. We take great pride in our products and continue to work toward a common goal of providing the most exciting line of premium solid wood windows and door in the industry.

Our windows are custom made from premium Douglas Fir as our standard (other woods available). We make a wide variety of windows from our standard casements, sliders, and double hungs to specialty shapes such as ovals arches, rounds and ellipses.

As with every item that leaves our factory, this latest chapter of the JT Windows story reflects our passionate dedication to innovation, quality and attention to detail.

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Hydraulic Servery Awning Window

Our Hydraulic Servery Awning Window is the perfect solution to open up your kitchen, connecting it to your backyard or other outdoor areas and allowing for unobstructed views, open air space and maximizing space for indoor/outdoor entertainment.  This innovative, simple-to-install window can be ordered without a bottom jamb or sill allowing for a continuous countertop all the way through to the exterior, creating an indoor/outdoor bar!  An entertainer’s delight!

This unique application is also ideal for bars, restaurants, cafés, etc. requiring serving areas and looking maximize space and offer an indoor/outdoor experience for their customers.

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