Radius Terminology

Round Tops Terminology

  • TRUE RADIUS means that the arc is part of a circle. The height must be less than or equal to half the width of the unit.
  • HALF CIRCLE means that the height is exactly half the width. A true half circle is a true radius, but a true radius but a true radius does not have to be a true half circle. (i.e. Eyebrow)
  • EYEBROW is a true radius but not a true half circle. (See drawing below)
  • ELLIPSE is made using two or more radii.
  • GOTHIC means that the height must be greater than half the width.
  • SPRING LINE is the point where radius or curved portion meets straight vertical legs.
  • CENTER LINE is the measurement from the bottom of the unit to the top of the radius.
  • DROP is the measurement from the top of the unit to the spring line.
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