Folding Doors

Folding Doors

Let the outdoors in with our beautiful, solid wood JT Folding Door collection.  If you are looking to open up your home to commanding views and expand your living space, JT Folding Doors are the perfect application.  Folding doors provide obstruction-free views that standard swinging or sliding doors cannot, and have expansive openings to accommodate large gatherings.  They also work very well indoors as large room dividers.  You can specify raised/flat panel doors, specialty glass or a combination of both to create your own special look!

Ordering Specifications:

  • All Folding units are built to outside frame dimensions (O.D of frame).
    • Add approximately 4-½” to finished door height to allow for track and sill.
    • Add approximately 3-¼" to finished door height when channel is set in floor with no sill.
  • Example: To accommodate an 80” (6’8”) door the O.D. height of frame would be approximately 84-½” high. Rough opening height would be approximately 85”.
  • When ordering, specify width then height of the outside frame dimension.
  • Specify door configuration (label inside and outside for clarity).
    ** All Folding door configurations are viewed from the outside looking in. **
  • Specify jamb width. Standard jamb is 6-5/8”.
  • Specify wood type and paint grade or stain grade, (Vertical Grain Douglas Fir is standard), other species available. Call for options.
  • Specify hardware finish:
    • Flush bolts and hinges are available in the following finishes:
      • Brushed Stainless Steel/Aluminum
      • Oil Rubbed Bronze (US10B)
    • Locksets are available in the following finishes:
      • Brushed Satin Nickel/Stainless Steel Aluminum
      • Oil Rubbed Bronze (US10B)
  • Specify glass type. Clear tempered glass with bugs is standard, however custom tempered and laminated glass is available.
  • Specify sill color. Aluminum sills available in clear aluminum (standard) and anodized aluminum at no extra charge and come standard with a Fir interior cap (wood interior cap is optional).
Standard Features:
  • 1 ¾” custom made doors (Vertical Grain Douglas Fir is standard, other species available)
  • Exterior moulding included (see Exterior Moulding options)
  • 1/8" Clear tempered glass (custom glasses available)
  • Top quality hardware with precision ground stainless steel bearings (marine-grade stainless steel hardware available), allows for quiet, effortless one finger operation.
  • Fully weather-stripped units. Choice of white or brown, please specify.
  • Aluminum sill to the exterior with a matching wood sill on interior.

 **Custom sizes available

Folding Door Configurations Sheet